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Hour of Code

Cloverland Elementary School participates in the national Hour of Code! 

#clovcancode  What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts. Check out the tutorials and activities. This grassroots campaign is supported by over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide.

Principal's Message


 Mr. Larry Bonds, Principal

A Message From Mr. Bonds:

 Dear Cloverland Parents,

    Our teachers work with students each year to encourage participation in various classroom activities and events.  We know that when a student’s level of classroom participation/engagement increases, then so does their student’s rate and degree of learning. Therefore, we are asking students to be prepared to be called upon in class, to pair share with their classmates and to raise their hands to participate when they have answers to the many questions posed.  While a student’s answer might not always be correct, we know learning takes place when we utilize our brain to solve critical thinking problems and answer higher order questions.  We also know that correct practice increases the skill level of the learner! 

    It is important that students understand what they are learning each and every day (in the form of an objective).  By understanding teacher expectations, students will have a better idea of the learning that is about to take place within each lesson.  Our teachers want students to share the responsibility for monitoring their own learning every day.  By being an active participant in daily learning, our students will understand more and learn at much faster and more efficient rate.

    Every day, as students attend class, we want them to try their very best.  Students do best when they are challenged and when they challenge themselves. We want Cloverland students to connect what they currently know with new learning that is being presented.  Research shows that our brains work best when we are able to attach new learning to something we have previously learned.

    We hope to make it evident to our students that school is simply training for real life.  The preparation that is done now will help them tremendously later on in life.  We hope to encourage our students to invest now in their own futures and then as young adults, it will pay them back many times over.



Mr. Bonds