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Red Ribbon Week


2022-2023 Red Ribbon Week Activities

Site: Cloverland Elementary Theme: Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free
RRW Coordinator: Leah Carl Dates: October 17-22

Monday, Oct. 17 Sports Day ~ Hit drugs out of the park!

*wear jerseys, uniforms, etc. from your favorite sports and/or teams
Tuesday, Oct. 18 Pajama Day ~ Staying drug free will help you achieve your DREAMS!

*wear your cozy (and school-appropriate) pajamas all day
Wednesday, Oct. 19 Neon Day ~ Our future is bright if we stay drug free!

*wear bright colors and sunglasses
Thursday, Oct. 20 Career Day ~ The future me is drug free!

*dress up as you would for your future career or favorite job

Friday, Oct. 21 Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Day ~ Celebrate life - Live drug free!

*wear anything/everything red

Ongoing activities:

*Three Screens Assembly - Wednesday, Oct. 19th
*school-wide decorations
*wear red wristbands all week to send the message
*school-wide classroom door decorating contest
*school-wide student poster contest
*school-wide classroom spirit contest