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OJUSD Gifted Learner Program

  The Gifted Learner (GL) Program is designed to help students deal with academic, emotional, and social needs of
the gifted learner.  Research strongly indicates our students need to learn coping skills in order to reach their
potential.  Not all gifted learner are alike, some are perfectionists while others are underachievers.  Some may be
disorganized while others are obsessed with schedules and organization.  The GL program will address the needs of
our students while developing their intellectual and creative abilities.  We invite parents to be involved by checking
each GL site schedule which is posted on the site’s web page, looking through their child’s GL folder and reviewing
their planner daily, and helping them to plan their GL handwork and projects so they can be responsible and organized.

Feel free to read each project guideline sheet and academy schedule.  Due dates are clearly posted on both sheets which are available each day of class.  If you have questions, please contact the GL teacher:  Brenda Combs 209-640-1547

RULES FOR SUCCESS in the Gifted Learner Program:

1.     Come prepared to learn by attending EACH GL class and bringing the needed supplies
                SUPPLIES; *GL folder   *Planner   *Pencil
2.     ALL work is turned in ON TIME or early.  If a child is sick the day an assignment is due it can be
turned in by a friend, family member, neighbor, etc…It will be considered late if it is not turned in by
the beginning of the GL class.  Each day it is late drops the grade TWO levels.   A lower grade is better
than not turning it in which will result in an F and disqualify the student from attend ANY field trips or
celebrations for the remainder of the school year.  A responsible student is a successful student.
3.     If you are absent, check the WORK MISSED FILE to get your assignments
     Once the GL student is challenged, many times they may feel stressed and ask to quit the GL program.  Please
talk with your child and ask them to make a list of all their activities and prioritize them.  Have them make another
list of their goals and discuss how the various activities can help them reach their goals.  Strive to discern if it’s
perfectionism (being afraid they won’t be the best) or underachieving (not being willing to put forth the extra effort)
that is adding the stress to their life.  Help them make the necessary corrections to lower their stress and feel free to
contact their GL and classroom teacher to see if they feel the program is beneficial to your child’s development.
    Please do not encourage your child to accept quitting as a way to deal with stress.  Research shows this is an unsuccessful way to help our gifted learners develop their potential.  Once you have done all you can do,
please ask for a meeting with the GL teacher, classroom teacher, student, and parents to encourage a team
effort to help the GL student develop a plan for success so they can be happy and successful life-long
learners.  If this means stepping away from the GL program, it can be done productively.
Suggested readings for interested parents:
1.  Helping Gifted Children Soar    by Carol A. Strip Ph.D

2.  On the Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Children  by Tracy L. Cross

3.  Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success  by Carol Dwec

OJUSD Gifted Learner Academies 2023-2024 Overview